San Antonio Business Website Design

San Antonio Website Design & Development that Drive Sales

Today it is rather difficult to bring all the variety of Internet resources into a single classification. Therefore, speaking about the business site development, it is necessary to proceed from the specific tasks of the project, on the basis of which the concept is formed and the site takes its specific form with a specific architecture, structure, design, functionality and content.

The most common business websites types:

1. Corporate sites and portals are optimal business projects capable of solving the entire set of tasks, including containing closed sections and integrated systems for limited categories of users, for example, for company personnel, dealer networks, partner networks, etc.

2. “Business card sites” – resources comparable to classic business cards, but allowing you to indicate much more important information.

3. Promotional sites – resources that solve specific marketing and advertising tasks, for example, colorful presentation and promotion of a brand, product, service.

4. Sites-catalogs are, in fact, databases suitable for use in the event that the workflow and (or) information on catalog products is too voluminous and inconvenient for the formation and presentation of ordinary price lists to users.

5. Online stores are specialized sites that necessarily contain catalogs of goods, services and provide the implementation of the functions of online ordering, purchasing and paying for purchases. Solutions can be supplemented with content typical for corporate websites – information about the company and various aspects of its activities.